Finding Purpose beyond our Pain

I hate suffering from depression. It tangles me up in knots and causes great anguish in my life. And when I spend as much time alone as so often happens then I can fall into depression very quick. Then I question why this is happening to me.

I am sure you have been there before. Wondering if your loved or cared for? Why do the things happen that we can not control? Just what is the path to win on the stuggle we have?

Finding Purpose Beyond Our Pain, Uncover the Hidden Potential in Life's Most Common StrugglesBy Paul Meier M.D. and David Livingstone Henderson M.D.

At one time or another everyone finds themselves questioning, "Does God still love me? Is there a purpose for all this pain?" Drs. Meier and Henderson teach readers how to face painful struggles head-on in a way that allows them to grow and mature emotionally and spiritually. In this timely book they explore the seven most common life challenges:

* Injustice
* Rejection
* Loneliness
* Loss
* Discipline
* Failure
* Death

In addition they offer the three reasons we often miss the gifts these challenges can be. This unique approach to an age-old problem will encourage and challenge readers to grow through their struggles instead of wasting energy trying to avoid them altogether. I loved having this book to help me with my struggles. To know I am not alone. And to help remind me that there is a plan for all of us.

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