Doggie Alarms

Well it is still hot here. In the 90's daily. So we continue to leave all of our doors and windows open for air flow. Yeah living without a/c sucks but it sure is nice not to have $500 electric bills too. So we make choices.

Since the house is open and we have a pack of dogs too there is much barking at all kinds of things. Like who is on the street, leaves falling, butterflies floating by and the all annoying cat on the other side of the gate where they can not get at. There is a fenced area at our 'back/side' door that the dogs can just run out and still be quite safe too. Covered by a 100+ year old oak tree, the side yard is still a way they can keep an eye on the house.

Now we do have keys for our locks but of course not using said locks since house is open. So our dogs have become our alarm systems. Well guess I am sticking to my doggie alarm system. But I sure will be glad when cooler weather arrives and I can close up the house again. To clean, sweep and mop! To not hear barking all night!

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  1. I don't know how many times I've come home and clicked the unlock button on my keychain to try and open the front door without thinking.

  2. Our pooches have the run of the place and the backyard also. We have a dog door that they go in and out of to the back yard, sometimes attempting to go through at the same time if there is a chipmunk outside.


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