Power in the Mind

Remember when you use to lay out on the grass and guess what the clouds looked like?
Or that any ol' stick would become a rifle for a wild game of cowboys and Indians?
And how about what fantastic food we were making while doing mud pies?

Yes, a child's imagination can be a wondrous place. There dwells the closet monster and the space heroes of this world. But in a child's imagination lies a great tool. One that can help transform stress and anxiety into joy and success. That is what Charlotte Reznick, PhD is showing us how to do with her book "The Power of Your Child's Imagination".

Here we learn what tools to use and how to use them to help guide our children into a world without phobias, social anxiety and how to cope with losses and hurt, frustration and anger. I know that College Girl had many sleepless nights when she could not stop bed-wetting. The worry and fear would become overwhelming to her. Here Charlotte gives us tools to help our child with this all too common issue.

I am glad to see more and more literature coming out to help today's parents. Life is becoming more stressful and going faster every day. That means our children are dealing with life's lil problems at earlier ages. How we help them cope during these times form their skills as adults. I would suggest that you might also want to read "The Power of Your Child's Imagination" as a guide for your family.

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