Keep Me up with Tim Gunn

I can not wait for Thursday nights now. My one and only show I watch comes on then. I am a fan of Project Runway. Have you watched it? Oh, I want to adopt Tim Gunn. Actually I want
Tim Gunn of Project Runway at the Macy's in do...Image by photophonic via Flickr
Tim to adopt me. They even have where you would win lunch with Tim. That would make me thrilled.
Of course where I live at I would not be able to see Project Runway without our satellite. Out here in the 'sticks' there would never be any reception. Well, actually I guess that is all ending anyway. No more rabbit ears covered in tin foil on top of granny's TV?
Do you have any special shows you just adore? I am just glad that I can watch my fav show.  Frugal living like my neighbor Nessa is where there is not any TV. ARRRUUUGGHHH!
That would mean no Tim Gunn either. No, Never, I won't go there.

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