Help, No I Can Do It Myself!

I was visiting with a lady I work out with at Curves just the other day. She is a bit older than I and was telling me about when she fell and hurt herself. You see she lives alone and her children are not really thrilled about that. And I could see their point as I have my mom live with me. I feel better with her where I can help out. But my friend still enjoys her Independence and her children do not live in the area.

So I asked her how did she come to a compromise with them? And it was because she has life alert. And she did use it when she fell. I am so glad that she had thought that far ahead. But what would happen if she could not push the button? I imagined if she fell down in the house so badly that she could not even push a button because she was knocked unconscious. That thought scares me and I am sure it has come to her children's mind too.

Well my friend told me that there is a fall detector available. And it will alert emergency if they have fallen and can't push a button. She has that along with monitored smoke detectors and a big help button. Life Alert has found ways of improving her quality of life.

It is for in the home and has a fall detector that alerts 24/7 emergency personnel that they have fallen and cant even push a button. Life Alert has many different ways of working. And it seems that this smart lady is on top of all of them. I am so proud of her since she is working out so hard at Curves to keep up her strength. This helps so she can continue to live on her ranch and enjoy these years as she chooses.

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  1. my great uncle has life alert and it is such a great thing-it really gives us peace of mind!


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