Getting Ready for the Theater

Well College Girl is back in the theater. And very very happy to be there too. She is in her

Red carpet? Velvet Rope? Keeps the chairs away...Image by bjornmeansbear via Flickr

element and ready to start using the velvet rope to hold back the fans.

Actually she does have to deal a little with crowd control as the have patrons come in to the theater on show nights. You know how the stanchions are placed to designate where you can and can not be. Of course if you are a rebel like me then it is just an invitation to break the rules a lil and try and go back stage. After all what is barricades all about if not to get past them.

Of course with College Girl acting this year I am sure she will be right there to accept her roses and pass out autographs to her adoring fans (yes that means her parents). Her first show will be A Woman in Mind but she does not have an acting part in this show. She will be doing backstage work. You know, the one putting up the velvet rope.

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