A Girl & her Car

College Girl popped back in to see us last night. She was making a "food" run and catching up on Top Chef with Nessa and I. Nessa made a great veggie baked zita for us that is quickly becoming one of our fav pasta dishes. And I do not feel guilty eating it since she used the low fat cottage cheese and the 2% mozzarella cheese. Other than that it has fresh spinach, pasta and pasta sauce. Really simple yet amazing yummy.

College Girl arrived in her lil ford mustang. She loves that car. Just a year older than her at 23

1986 Ford Mustang GT Hatchnack '5UFK474' 3Image by jacksnell via Flickr

yrs old but runs great. Yeah, had a minor repair job last week when Dear Hubby had to replace the starter. And I noticed we need to see about tires really soon too! But CG would not want to have another car.

Last year when we were looking for new cars so that College Girl would have transportation, the ford mustang caught her eye. Of course they were much much shinier than her cancer grey one she has now. But this is a classic (at least to her). CG's aunt had recently purchased a volvo and was telling us about the great gas mileage it had. That was an idea since she does drive back and forth from school to home often. But CG wanted a lil more personality.

I have a great uncle who offered CG his old chrysler. And that was nice as it was in really good condition. You know how good ol men are at babying their cars and this one had been babied very well. But again CG was looking for the right fit. When dad came home and told her he found an old ford mustang her eyes sparkled and she started jumping up and down. "Let's go see it daddy!" And a new love of her life started then.

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  1. Ah yes, a girl and her car. I once had a 66 Mustang. Very vintage (comparatively speaking). It looked great, but had the biggest DOG of a motor. I could probably have walked faster. The defroster didn't work either. Not good when you live in Colorado. But I sure did love that car. How fun that she got the one she had her heart set on!


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