Emma and Zula

I am enjoying watching College Girl's lil sister, Emma. It is refreshing to have a lil one around again. And she is introducing me to a new DVD series. Have you watched Zula Patrol? “The Zula Patrol,” the popular animated science-and-astronomy series for kids that airs Saturday mornings nationally on NBC as well as weekdays and weekends on public television stations.

This is a series of children's DVDs that is focused on science. I have found it quite interesting to learn more about habitats and metamorphoses with Emma. I did not expect to hear about Eco-systems and more. It is quite refreshing from the "let's repeat everything three times" that I hear on so many children's shows.

It is also nice to have a break with an active Emma. She is an avid 'swinger'. Our tire horse swing gets quite a workout from Miss Emma. And of course I have the prettiest porch from her beautiful chalk art work. But she has also told me things like there is powder on butterflies wings that helps them fly. So she is quite capable of understand Science at 3 years old. I feel that her travels with the Zula Patrol will be quite informative.

Later we will visit Zulaworld to make her own alien character. Here she can play games and earn 'zlinkles' to buy fantasy clothes and such. So it seems that a whole new world is going to be opened up to both of us.

So now here is your fav part. I am doing a give away of Zula Patrol too! So just leave me a comment and send others too! I will pick a winner in one week. And then you will also receive Zula Patrol DVD's.
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  1. I think my daycare kiddos would love to see this.

    Thanks for the tweet by the way.

  2. Woo Hoo! Anything to keep them quiet!

    Er... I mean... that sounds wonderfully educational. I would love to have a copy for my beloved children.

  3. I think both my daughters would absolutely love those dvds.
    It would entertain them and teach them and GET them OUT OF MY HAIR for a while!

  4. My kids would love these dvds. They are educational & a cartoon at the same time. They would definatly get alot of use.

  5. the girls love zula patrol.. can't get enough of it.

  6. the girls love zula patrol.. can't get enough of it.


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