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"This post was sponsored by Kmart. All the opinions are mine."

Kmart Bluelight specials are making a big comeback. I told you before that there was a special day for the Bluelight specials. Well you can do it all over again on August 8th. This is great with time for school here. And you know we all need those special deals to get everything on that Back To School list. Filler paper 2 for $1 is just one of the 40 specials going on that day.

College Girl is looking into Women's Joe Boxer Flip Flops at $4.00 a pair. She says they are the coolest flips around. You know that going back on campus she wants to look just right. You high school athlete may be looking at Men's Athletic basketball shorts for only $3.00. Now that is a good deal.

Of course we do not want to be left out at all. So ladies take an extra 10% off of diamonds that are already marked down 70% off. What a fantastic deal. And your Dear Hubby can do that last minute summer sprucing up by replacing that patio furniture since it is 70% off regular prices.

Top it off now you can get the Bluelight Specials online too! Yeah pop over at and shop while sitting at home. You know that is my favorite way to shop. When your saving all of this money then make sure you tell others they can also follow Kmart on Twitter.


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