Doozie of a Screw Up

Oh I f*******d up big time here the other day.
Yeah, I used that word cause it fits.

I can't say what I did (fear of others finding out is real).
But I felt so stupid for doing it.
And even more so I was so upset that I had messed up something important to my husband.

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It was fixed, like when your grabbing duct tape, bungee cords and super glue all at the same time. Put it together in hopes it won't all pop loose again.

Don't you hate it when you think your getting it all right and you find out your not.
Wish I was a kid again and could go "mommy fix it for me" but not able to.

Well off to another day and time to see what other trouble I can dig up.
Anyone got a way I can turn on my a/c, cool off, cook again and still pay the bill?
If so please holler at me.
I am sure I can hear you as I am always outside trying to catch a breeze.

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