I am an Internet Film Star!

Hey I am making my first internet film debute'!

Go and see me and my friend Nessa to enjoy our family fishing trip!

And then pretty please with a cherry on top come back and tell me wha'cha think!


  1. Yay you're a web star now! :D
    Looks like you guys had a fun time. I want to try some fishing someday too... But hopefully there would be fishes left for me!

    More videos please! :)

  2. Your Debut as a internet film star was terrific... I love Fishing, I haven't been once all summer. It is great fun and it is so relaxing.
    You guys looked like you had a great time and Congrats on your first fish!!!

  3. awwww I love it! Look how much you had at first feeding the fish THEN catching your first fish!
    Your a star darling!


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