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Well as y'all know we are getting ready for College Girl to head back to campus. This week we were planning on going through all of last years dorm "stuff". You know weeding out what she never really used at all. Adding in what we forgot! But each day has been hectic in one way or the other. So I think it is a weekend chore now.
We do have to get CG CampusReady and her newest roommate is quite happy to do this with her. This last few weeks they have been texting and chatting and tweeting and ... and ... and ...! It is really great to see them getting along so well and planning out their dorm room. They are discussing colors and themes and floor plans. I asked if they were using CampusReady to help them do the floor layout or any shopping.
Here are the areas they are discussing.
* Design and shop by their dorm room layout.
* Picking coordinating dorm room products and design themes.
* Shopping checklist so they do not duplicate items or forget any either.
* List of everything they will need for their home away from home and what of it they already have.
* Sharing financial tips and financial planning that they have both learned by living on a budget.
* Apparel must haves and what can they share if they wear the same size!
* They even linked to categories of clothing they’ll need for college life.

I am so excited for CG and her roommate. To be off on a new adventure together. I know that CG is so excited to go back to campus. Heck she has even become CampusReady on Facebook.
BTW I thought that all the other students out there would want to know this. Since college tuition costs continue to rise we all need help. You can enter for your chance to win money toward your college tuition from Sears and Upromise! A total of $25,000 will be awarded. Upromise members are automatically entered with a purchase through, or enter free at See for full rules and complete details. This would be something that CG could sure use.
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  1. hi lynette,
    first i wanted to thank you for stopping by and leaving you sweet comment, we all do love to dance! ;) i'm following you now... thanks for the link to win the college cash, i entered god know i have never won anything but here's hoping one of us does! LOL going back to school is such a hoot they are fully of excitement and hope and then the first exam hits and bammmm they realize it's "school" LOL hope she has an amazing semester, look forward to sharing more!

  2. Sounds like College Girl is getting all set.. Wonderful time! What fun!
    Thanks for the post for college cash I am passing it on to my SIS and SIL's they have kiddos who need cash.
    Thanks for having me in your Blog List greatly appreciated.'
    Are you still working, haven't seen any posts about the fun at work lately?
    Take Care, Have a Great Day!

  3. How exciting! and who knew there were all these programs out there to help get em ready for college! off to check out the links


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