Help--My Kid Drove Me Crazy

We are all in the back to school swing. Right?
No? Well, maybe some of us still need a little help.

Dr. Swanson shares the following back-to-school transition tips:

1. Before school starts, send your child to bed at the normal school year bedtime.
2. Start waking your child up at the same time he would if school were in session. (Waking up early is a great trick for getting a child to fall asleep at a reasonable hour.)
3. Begin to set limits around things that conflict with school-year priorities (video games, television, overnights, e.g.).
4. If assigned, make sure that your child's summer academic projects are completed and ready to be handed in.
5. Put other structured routines--such as dinner time, baths/showers, and hygiene rituals--back into place.
6. Regardless of the stress, fight the battles of getting back to the normal routine now. Waiting for the school year to return will only add to your stress.
7. Lastly, take your child shopping for school clothes and supplies. Usually, new clothes and supplies elevate a child's excitement about returning to school.

Now that we have that all down pat, you do have that routine set? Right? Okay at least we are still working on a routine. Now what can we do for the dragging our feet to get ready times. Or is it the I don't wanna do my homework? Yeah, of course we are still struggling with "Chores, I have to do chores?" But we can work on all of these things with a little help and guidance.

Dr. Swanson has a new book to help. "Help! My Kid Is Driving Me Crazy: The 17 Ways Kids Manipulate Their Parents and What You Can Do About It". Sounds familiar right? I know I have had to deal with some issues when helping to raise children. Some with ADD/ADHD and others just lil button pushers. We all have them. Which are your kids favorite ways to get you to do what they want?

Emotional Blackmail
Shutting Down
Irrational Logic
Divide and Conquer
Playing the Victim

Each of these issues and more are addressed in Dr. Swanson's book. I know that CG was a great lil negotiator. And Nessa's son can do the irrational logic to a tee. Of course lil Miss Ashley just shuts down. I am glad there is a way I can find some help, back up, bring out the child raising hand book from time to time. We are all great parents but help and advice is still needed.

SO, check out
"Help! My Kid Is Driving Me Crazy: The 17 Ways Kids Manipulate Their Parents and What You Can Do About It"
and find some answers for yourself.

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  1. You left out the part about using a shock collar.


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