Happy Early Birthday to Me

Today I was sitting on the front porch writing a letter to my brother when the Fed Ex guy showed up. Now that is not new as he is here often with Nessa living across the street. She is always receiving a new book or something to review. Actually I am finally getting a few myself. But today the Fed Ex guy seemed a lil confused. So I asked if I could help. Was he here for Nessa? Nope it was for my address. He then asked if I was expecting a large or small package. Honest I was not expecting any package so I was a bit baffled. He dug in the front, he dug in the side and finally dug around some more in the back. I was ready to go and help him dig too!

He pulls out this really good size box. Says yep this is the one for me. "No-no-no, I don't think so" I replied. Yeah had my name and address on it. But why oh why would I receive a box from . . .

Dell LogoImage via Wikipedia


Yeah, DELL. I sign for the box and pull open the packing label first.
It is from my very best friend of 35 years.
She sent me a new DELL tower hard drive.
And now I am sitting here typing to you via the new DELL.

I am shocked, awed, amazed and blown away.
Wouldn't you be!


  1. Wow, that is one great gift. Happy early birthday, whenever that may be.

  2. Now THAT is an awesome birthday present!!!

    That is what I got for my birthday this year from hubby and my father. :)


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