San Saba House

Here is the house in San Saba Texas that we stayed at this weekend with Nessa. It is a beautiful home and made my soul sing. I wish I could have taken all of my blog friends with me and had a great weekend sitting on the front porch drinking wine and yaking.
This is the children's bedroom. What a quaint iron baby bed that is there. Of course all of that lovely sunshine made me happy.
Here I am in the room that appealed to me the most. The front parlor with all of the roses, lace and sunshine made me feel so relaxed. I am not one of the formal ones there, nope curled right up with a book!

This is the downstairs bedroom that was the "servants" quarters. Don't we all wish we were servants here!

The front entrance hall with a massive staircase. Here is the setting for a bride to be coming down the stairs to meet her future husband. Think I need to get a second wedding soon?

The front "mans" den had all the right touches. It would be a great place for the fellows to talk about the fish that got away or how beautiful that deer was that they could not bear to shoot.

Oh how I love a large claw foot tub to soak in. Yes I did sit here and dream away some time. Bath time ladies is not for getting clean but for relaxing.

And my dream country kitchen! How I could spend my days making cakes and cookies here. But wait, that is an original oven from the 1900's without a thermostat.

This was a great home to visit. I would adore living here. Heck I would even be the "hired help" for a fantastic bed and breakfast. Think I can get a job from the owner????

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  1. Looks wonderful! Glad you had a great time!


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