Number Crunch

I am horrid with numbers! I can not remember them little on try to 
A mathematics lecture, apparently about linear...
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mix them up with letters. So Algebra is like a foreign language to me. I did not make it through high school into to Algebra without an tutor. I wish I had Online tutor at that time but of course that was before online!

Well College Girl is a wiz at math! Thank goodness she takes after her dad there. So she did not need
 tutoring. But if she did then she could use Algebra help
a new online program. This is a program that helps from K-12 and college students too.
Free online algebra help is available to all first time users so you can try out the service. This is a service that is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I know that I would have benefited from Algebra 2 help when I was a student.

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