Piggy Paint Giveaway Last Day

I am getting to do a Piggy Paint giveaway! I have seen Piggy Paint giveaways, tried

Resting at a parkImage by Princess Cy via Flickr

to win Piggy Paint giveaways and now instead I get to have one of my own. I am so excited. I adore all the fun colors that Piggy Paint has to offer. Have you seen them? I love the bright colors in blues, oranges, yellows and of course my signature color of Pink! And best of all Piggy Paint is the safest choice for children. Lynette says to pop over to, CRAZED MIND: Piggy Paint Giveaway, Jul 2009

You should read the whole article. Today is the last day to enter!

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  1. Miss Lynette,
    Thank you for answering my Twitter Plea.. Funniest thing. I was on the blog hop..saw one that said Lynette.. thought it was going to be you.. Clicked NO it wasn't your blog..
    I thought Wow I haven't been to Crazed mind in a day or two better stop and check. And Surprise had a email saying you had stopped by my blog.. to funny!!
    Hope all is good..
    I love that the Blue LIght Specials are back at Kmart.. I loved them when I was a kid..
    Take Care.. Thanks again for stopping by!


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