Happy Birthday Emma

This last weekend was College Girl's lil sister's 3rd birthday.
I know that does not make sense to some, but on with the story.

We were so thrilled to be able to give her some gifts that spoke to the child's nature. She is a lover of animals and plants. A natural when it comes to being a farm girl. Of course she is stuck in town but they are working on a farm right there. Honest, her family has a large garden, fruit trees of all kinds planted and all the dogs, cats and rabbits a lil girl could want.

So we decided to get her a bird feeder for her birthday. We looked at hummingbird feeders

A hummingbird feeder with red nectar.Image via Wikipedia

since it is so fun to watch them flit around. But we decided on a regular bird feeder with seed. Well this was a good idea since she received 4 lil chickens as gifts. Yeah, I said chickens. They gave them some of the bird food we had supplied for the bird feeder to feed the chickens til they make it to the feed store. Yeah I thought of the lil lady so happy to see hummingbirds flying around her yard or watching a beautiful red cardinal eating from the feeder. Never did I imagine she would be out calling "Here Chick, Chick, Chick!"

Oh and she also was given two baby goats the day after her birthday. OH MY!
I still think that I am going to go for the hummingbird feeder for her. I know that she will enjoy seeing them just as much as all of the other barn yard animals.

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