Enjoyable Visits

It has been a busy couple of days around here.
I loved my visit with my girlfriend Julie.

Tropical Fruits - Original Oil PaintingImage by wizan via Flickr

She is a wonderful pastry chef yet she curbed her natural instincts to brings tons of goodness.
Instead of all the cakes, cookies and breads she showed up with lots of fresh fruits and veggies.
We even went and picked 10 lbs of black berries.
It was heavenly.

We also went and worked out together at Curves each day.
And was able to get in a good 2 mile walk one day and a great hike another day.
I really enjoyed seeing her and hated to know that home she must return but....that is the way of life.

Antique StoreImage by Charlyn W via Flickr

Today I went to work at Mary's Antique Store.
And dear sweet Nessa showed up and joined me for lunch at the local Chinese buffet.
I did only have one plate of food and nothing fried but craved at a dish of ice cream.
We spent the afternoon together making each other laugh.

Whew! That was great.
Tonight she is fixing a divine chicken and black olive dish that I can't wait to try out.
Hopefully we can play a game or two and unwind.

A Chinese buffet restaurant in the U.S.Image via Wikipedia

I am really looking forward to my runaway with Dear Hubby next week.
Nessa said she would guest host for me.
So make sure to drop in on her and tell her your panting for her next words.

You have a good evening and I will pop back on here soon.


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