Bright Smiles

I love it when my Dear Hubby smiles at me. Well, it makes his whole face light up and his eyes twinkle too! But sad to say our teeth are not the prettiest. Years of abuse from drinking coffee and tea, smoking (DH not me) and not having the proper diet has shown it's effects in our smiles.
I would love to have veneers so that I could have a beautiful shining smile. One that matches the twinkle of my eyes with I am happy.

Life has changed so much. We have found all sorts of ways to make old things "new" again. And dental veneers does just that too. They also protect the teeth from further damage. Just like putting new siding on an old house. All of a sudden it is bright and fresh all over again. And the weather can not create any new damage to the wood underneath.

I know that we all would like to find ways to look younger again. Myself? Remove some of the weight I have on me, a few less wrinkles and keeping shining auburn hair will do the trick. But cosmetic dentistry can do the same thing. Make your smile bright again and looking like that young chic I still am inside.

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