Who took the Lockers?

Our schools have offered a helping hand around here.
They are offering breakfast and lunch to all kids in our area.
That will provide some much needed meals for many.

I thought I would pop up and see if there was a way to help out.
Of course there is always a way to help.

But, in doing so I found out something that surprised me.
There are not any school lockers!
Yeah, they have taken out every locker for the students.
I am not sure where all of their books and things are to be kept?
I know that the back packs keep getting heavier and heavier.
I wonder if they put in the smaller lockers that would just hold their school books if it would work. You could put in 18 triple lockers where 6 full size lockers were.

Is this happening where you live?
What is the reason for removing them?
I don't think this is a good thing to do. It would be awful to have to always carry your backpack all day long. And I bet it could do damage to a students back.
Is there a better solution for the students?

Well I looked around and did find that the gym lockers are still there.
Thank goodness for that.
I would hate to have to add sweaty gym socks to the already full backpacks.

I wonder if there is a locker for sale?
I would like to put a locker in my garage?
That would be a great storage idea.

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