Taking a Trip with a New Me

Oh ladies and gents I just have to tell you on my plans for the next few days.
I am so excited.
You would be too!

Tomorrow morning my college girl and I am on our way to visit one of my best friends I had growing up.
We have not see each other in over 20 years!
Yes, that long.

I have search for this friend over and over again.
And finally this spring a friend of hers saw one of my messages looking for her.
The information was relayed and then I received a great phone call.
I was dancing all around when she called.

Now--finally I am going to get to see her.

I am not sure what we will get to talk about first.
Oh and I get to see her mom too!
I love that.

So I will be off and Nessa is going to do a guest blog for me.
So she is going to be one busy lady.
What another great friend I have.

What a blessing I have.

OH, OH, OH, you have to know this also!
I have now lost 21 lbs and 25 INCHES.
I am really excited about everything.


  1. How cool! Old friends are so much fun. How awesome that you were able to find her!!
    Seeing them totally brings you back. I always end up acting like a kid again when I get back together with my high school friends. :)
    Have fun!!!

  2. Congratulations on all your great news!! And have fun reuniting with your friend.

  3. Woo hoo! Great news all the way around. Enjoy your visit.


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