Just like starting over

Good Morning Everybody!
Well today is the last day of my mini-cation.
I have so enjoyed being with my best friend again.
Especially feeling like the years in between have fallen away.
She is still just as beautiful as ever.
I am happy to see her smile in her eyes again.
And to hear her laugh is better than hearing any wind chime.
She has made me giggle.
She uses convience stores....I mean really goes to them like I would the grocery store.
Well I guess she understands the meaning of convience.
Giggled the first night when she said we needed to go to the TRUCK STOP to buy dinner supplies.
She has made me think.
What would I do in her shoes.
Facing difficult decisions.
Has a strong mind set and knows that she is in control of her life.
But none of us ever want to know we are going to be wearing that "pink ribbon" for ourselves.
Her daughter is a whirl wind of words, laughter and tumbling around.
She is a princess (just ask her) and a tom boy too!
And as she floats, skips, jumps and twirls by you an infections laughter bubbles out.
I am again getting to visit with my mom mentor.
My friends mother was my idol of what a mom is like.
I have thought of her often in her gentle ways while guiding us as we grew up.
You knew she could be firm but always with a gentle hand.
I love her and pray she knows that her love kept me safe in many ways growing up.
My friends hubby is a big bear of a guy.
You know like gentle ben. LOL
Sure he could growl if needed but still has the big arms to hold my friend and their lil lady.
He works hard but plays just as hard.
Keeps life interesting.
Well today before I head back I get to hook up with another dear lady.
This one is my latin teaching baking queen friend that I was with last month during the death of her partner.
Well she turns 51 today.
We are going to enjoy a variety of wonderful baked goods and coffee.
So there goes my diet.
Pray the fat gods have forgotten my name.


  1. Hi Lynette:

    It's always good to spend time with friends. You can always reminisce on the good times...and the bad. When you talk about the bad times, you can see how you were able to pull through, laugh about it, and then praise God for the victories!

    Have a great weekend.

    Tiffany, The Resource Writer

  2. Hi Lynette,
    I am so glad you have enjoyed your mini-cation. I love that you were able to meet up with your old friends. Wonderful.
    Wanted to be sure you knew.. On my blog that is not my picture holding that MIni Dinosaur.. NO WAY!!! that is Kim the owner of Tarz-Anna..
    As for the Fat Gods, I believe you are in the clear.. They have found me this week.. Stress is not good for dieting..
    Have a terrific trip home.

  3. The Fat Gods are angry and vengeful, they must be appeased often and with great variety.

  4. I am glad you had a wonderful mini-cation. Sometimes we just need a break and a chance to spend time with old friends.

  5. I'm glad you hadsuch a good time catching up with old friends. What a treat. I will say a prayer to the fat Gods to stay away one more day ans you indulge yourself with friends, laughter and good food.


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