Smelling like Money

SoyMade candlesImage by massdistraction via Flickr

We have been playing around with different ideas on how to make a lil more money.
Currently we have a lil fudge and cookie project that we sell at Mary's Antique Store.
And Granny M and Nessa both have booths there of the "antiques" that they have acquired.

Now we are considering candle making too. I know they are always inviting when I visit someones home. I really like cinnamon scent the best. But I hear that leather is a really big seller in this area. We have found where we can purchase mason jars wholesale. That would look good with our lil country town theme. I think with Granny M and her cookie ideas we should have Sugar Cookie candles. That would smell really good. And of course be her signature scent.

Nessa has that country home decor going on over there. Don't you thing that Hot Apple Pie would be fantastic for her? Of course we could do a large variety of scents. I know that candles sell well. And having a place to get quality jars sure will make a difference for our lil enterprise.

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  1. Fudge... yum!

    I totally feel the need for more money!

  2. ive been wondering where you got to!!!! i have been missing your blogs from my following list and i was wondering if all was well in your universe!!! so nice to catch up!!! xox.... annie


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