Cool Visions

Yesterday College Girl and I went on a fantasy trip to Asia. But as hot as we are here in Texas we have decided that we need a bit cooler atmosphere. So we thought that we would go for an Alaska Travel instead. It would be so wonderful to have nice cool temperatures for a change. It would be wonderful to have temperatures of 46 compared to 96.

I also think it is wonderful that there are so many men there compared to women. So what a good place to be pampered. Travel Alaska actually would let us see some amazing sights. They have cruises to see whales and other sea life. You also can do dog sled trips too!

What I would like is to see the Northern Lights. Denali Park has wildlife viewing, ATV trips and the Northern Lights Theater. How amazing that would be. But most of all I really would love to be cooled off.

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  1. Its me again, I wanted to let you know that I lived in Alaska for almost 4 years. I was young, we moved to Texas from Alaska when I was almost 10. I loved it there and would go back tomorrow.. I must admit the more men then women thing is very appealing..hehehe..
    have a great day!


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