Skills Cross Over

I keep talking to College Girl about her college major.
As with most moms, I want to be sure she can have a good career after school is done.
And my fears as to what she will do with a theater degree show all the time.

I know she is not into the acting but the behind the stage work.
And she has talked of teaching too.
Now she is helping me see of other areas that her college major can help her at too!

For example how do you like all the different looks you get at a trade show exhibit?
You know where it looks like you have walked into someone's living room.
Or that a space age diner has just opened up in the middle of a show hall.

Yes, scene design is used for these trade show exhibits.
Along with skills of carpentry, set design and set up and tear down even.
Knowing how to set up lighting and paint backgrounds are skills that are used for trade show exhibits too.

Of course she can also use these skills in the theater as she hopes too!
Silly mother worried that her college girl will not find work.

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