Saving for those Expecting

Hey I found a way to save some money for those who are expecting their lil bambino. You know how expensive clothes are. And to purchase maternity clothes for just 9 months is hard for many of us. But now you can get an exclusive 20% Off! Just by using coupon code "blogfriends". Add that too up to 75% off many items. You can save, save, save. I am also excited that they have Plus sizes too.

There is also a section of maternity clothes that are $10 and under too. Wow the savings keep adding up. Maybe you can pass this information on to the ones who are expecting. I know I am always looking for a good bargain. Pop over to Kiki Fashions and see the great deals for yourself.


  1. Just spent a minute catching up on your blog. :) You've been busy. congrats on the weight loss. I'm selfish--I love my air conditioning... You're far braver than me. :) Thank you for your always kind,kind words. It really means a lot.

  2. So can I use that as an excuse for a little nooky tonight? "But, hon, Lynette told me about these great deals! Hon? Honey?"

  3. lol
    you would have loved it if i would have done the pay per post about stipper clothes!
    But hon, Lynette said they are on sale. You love sales right. You know pay less, wear less.

    Works for me!

  4. Thanks for the hook up!

    Come check out the contest on my blog.


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