Help Is on the Way

In Texas we have massive amount of mosquito's.
And the heat makes it more unbearable.
So I am not surprised to see the Mosquito Magnet as a new product.
What a great idea!
Now there is a way to trap these pesky lil boogers.

But as with all products there are instructions.
Gosh, I know I have real problems following instructions.
Most of the time I think I know what to do all on my own.
Then when I realize I need help the lil booklet that came with the product is missing.
So I start searching for help.

Well the Mosquito Magnet has thought of this in advance.
They have created a website to help their customers who are like me.
Mosquito magnet repair is available to all of their customers by just popping on to their site.
I am so happy to see a company that is thinking of ways to help us all out.

I am looking forward to getting a Mosquito Magnet to help out around here.
But I am happier to know that there is help out there for when I am at a loss.
I will just pop over and use their 360° Customer Support!


  1. Have you tried spraying Listerine around the area you want to keep the mosquitos away from? Like your front door or back patio? It works. The yellow/gold original Listerine mouth wash, that is.

  2. We have alot of pesky mosquitos too here in AL. I hate them!


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