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Have you moved lately? I did about 4 years ago. I am a very very organized person. And I make all kinds of plans when I move. Down to blue prints as to where all the furniture will go in the new home. But what was so nice last time was that I did not have to do it all.

Our satellite TV service is with Direct TV and they did all of our move for me. I just picked up the boxes and remotes and took them with us. A service man came and put up a new dish on the house and then set up everything for me. Whew! I loved it.

Have you ever used Directv? I had cable before and I would never want to switch back. I am so happy with the service I get. So much so that now there is a receiver in every bedroom along with the living room. We do not watch much TV in our bedroom but Dear Hubby plays a lot of games on the TV. Yeah they have games like Scrabble and Skip-BO.

Direct TV in Texas is pretty popular. We know of many of our friends and neighbors who have hooked up to satellite. Of course we are out in the boondocks. And TV reception is non-existent without some sort of help from a cable or satellite company.

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  1. We are pretty satisfied with Directv...just last night our DVR receiver went out and we called them up told what was wrong (it was under warranty) and they provided us with a tracking number and the new one will be delivered to us on Monday!

    ps. We have a receiver in pretty much every room...4 receivers to be exact!


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