Dreaming with my College Girl

Speaking of dream vacations, College Girl just informed me that her idea of beautiful would be an Asian vacation. Especially Indonesia!
Wow, I did not know this.

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When asked why she told me some interesting facts.
Like there are 17,500 islands that make up Indonesia.
And Indonesia takes up an area with 2 oceans and 3 seas.
That is pretty interesting!

Each of Indonesia’s inhabited islands has its own style of dress, type of architecture and even different dialects. College Girl says she would love to see the many beaches that they have to offer. Not counting the mountains too!

She said that the hotels there have a sauna, massage, jacuzzi and fitness center. So we could keep up with our exercise. If we were there I am sure lazing on the beach would be first priority.

Accor Hotels City Super Sale does have savings up to 60% if you book on-line between June 23 - 29 for stays between July 10 and September 30, 2009. I am sure we can do that soon.

Well it is fun to dream and wish.
It is like a mini vacation with my College Girl just to plan such amazing getaways.

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