Ways to help CG study

As always, my College Girl has to stay on top of what needs to be done for school. Even though she is out for the summer there are still deadlines she has to meet. And double checking all of her financial aid too! That is a major job for us. Well today when she was popping around her schools web site and face book she found a site to help her with study groups.

First she found ME 201 MSU Homework Solution. That popped up a site called Coursework. Looking there she found her college listed. And a link for face book too. It seems that you can now go online and get help with different courses from colleges all over the U. S. What she first found was from MSU Michigan State University ME 201. Now that is a long from Texas. CG looked up study groups from her school. And there is also textbook help and you can read papers from other courses too!

She thinks this will help her this next fall. Especially with the face book link. That way she can find the other students that are right there on campus with her. Isn't it amazing what the computer and Internet can help us do now. I wish this was available when I was going to school. You know back when we fought off the dinosaurs and walked in the snow up hill. both ways.


  1. wow!!! i walked up one of those hills.. barefoot.. both ways!!! good for CG she is being so pro-active!@ i should tell mine to check the site out.. ty for the tip!

  2. I'll keep this in mind as oldest heads off to college in two short minutes (I mean years). Technology has come along way since I started college all those centuries ago.


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