Life is Good

Today has been a good day.
Because I have enjoyed sharing my time.

I have shared it with a enjoyable book.
I shared it with my College Girl walking, talking and sharing a movie.
I shared frustrations with my hubby and we both agree that rest is required by all.
I have been blessed with friends who support me in new ways I never expect.
I woke listening to birds sing and have heard them all day long.
I shared pets, scratches and stretching with my dogs and kitties.

Most of all I have enjoyed loving myself.
My rolls of fat and the inches I am losing too!
My bright cheerful eyes with the wrinkles that have formed around them.
And my mind that is quick, organized and full of imagination.

So today has been great.
And tomorrow will be better.

I get to share it with my grandchildren!
Whoot, what a life.


  1. Sounds like you had an amazing day. Fantastic.
    My day was good also and today will be great. I am off on a one day spur of the moment road trip with a friend. We do not even have an idea where we are going, doesn't matter. We are going....
    Also hit the scales this morning, and your inspiration is helping.. I am down 5 pounds.. Yeah!!! that makes me very happy.
    Enjoy those grandkids today, have a wonderful day.

  2. what an uplifting psot! ty for all your comments on the angel blog! i am thrilled to hear you are feeling so good! i hope your weekend is filled with all teh blessings you deserve... xox.... annie

  3. Basking in your happiness. :-)


  4. Thank you for sharing your happiness. I feel better already.


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