Symlin and Alli Information

OK Ladies, today I am going to share a little about my thoughts on
Symlin and Alli.

I started on Symlin yesterday at my doctor's suggestion. This is a "helper hormone" that was created to for diabetics. It helps regulate the amount of glucose and insulin that is released by the pancreas and liver when one eats. When doing the studies it was found that it the people also lost weight. WHY? Well it slows down your digestion to about double the time. In doing so you feel fuller sooner than before and for longer periods of time. I have found this to be so! Last night I had half a piece of beef liver, about the size of a deck of cards and 1/4 a cup of grilled onions (yes I like liver), 1/2 a cup of cooked carrots and 1/2 a cup of lettuce. Also a glass of cold water.
I was so full. This all could fit on a small bread plate. This meal was only 130 calories too! Now not all my meals have such a low calorie count.
Anyway, back to the effects. I was very full and did not wish to eat again even when I normally want a bedtime "snack". If you eat too many carbs while taking Symlin then you will have a nauseated effect. Now Symlin is in a shot form. That scared the tick out of me. But the needle on the pen is very very tiny. Both short and thin. I have not even felt a stick when I have done my shots. You take the shot 45 min to 15 min before your two largest meals. By doing this you will be able to eat much less than normal.

Alli is my other new product I am using. This you take about 15 min before meals that will have much fat in them. Alli works by helping your body not absorb all of the fat you take in. If you eat a lot of fat in a meal then you may have a "gassy" effect. I have not had any issues at all. I don't notice any side effects from taking Alli.

Now it is way way way to soon for me to tell you any results in weight loss. But I know that I have been working out at Curves for 3 months and have gained weight. Yeah, they tell me it is muscle mass that I am creating. I have been eating under 1730 calories a day for only 2 weeks also. I had a 2 lb loss during that time according to my doctors scales. Alli is suppose to help double the amount of weight you lose. So we will find out. And Symlin is supposed to help me eat less. I will be thrilled to find that this combined effort works. I am well over 100 lbs overweight with a bmi over 40. So I must do something and do it now.


  1. wow im not sure i could do the needle thingy but if it helps you.. good for you!!!! excellent how you've been going to curves... since my neck's been so bad, i slid right off the angel wagon!!

  2. Let me know how it goes. I also am well over 100 pounds overweight. If it works for you, I may tell my doctor about it.


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