Stone Cold Bluff

I am really competitive at games. I want to win. And I do a lot of the time. But at Poker I suck. I am never really sure of what beats what. Or how different games are played. I want to learn so I can add this game to me knowledge. So off to the web I go to see if I can find some help.

I found flop turn river. Well I am a flop at poker that is for sure. So I thought I would check it out. If you play poker online and with money then they do have Poker Stars Bonus Codes. I know a lot of people might want to have those codes to help them be able to play. They also have PokerStars Marketing Code here and here too, PokerStars Marketing Code. But they also have poker hands so I can learn what beats what. And a section on "tells" where you see how you may be giving away if you have a good hand or bad. Yeah! I need to learn that.

I am not sure if I could ever play for money but if I study then I am sure I could play for fun. Do you play poker? If not, what is your favorite card game?

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