Whipped Into Shape

Well after spending the whole evening doing a redo here, I am tuckered. But more I am amazed at all Nessa can do. She made my header, noting I am now the comment queen, I love coffee, I am an avid reader and am always on this ol' puter. Pretty good huh? Well she also has my side kick there too, my mom, aka grandma. Nessa is a major grandma fan. Nessa also made all these lovely characters to represent all of my family. DH is wearing his work uniform from job #2. CG is day dreaming as always. And Mom is out in her beautiful garden. Here is my round of applause to Nessa.

So why isn't she doing more. Like website hosting? I am sure she could do it if she set her mind to it. How hard could it be? Well for us normal CD's (computer dummies) it would be impossible. But those that can whip out so much so easy, well they are the ones who can surf the web like a pro. I for one know who to turn to for help. Who do you use? Are you the genius? Or is there a pro out there for you?

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