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R. A. G. = Reader's Appreciation Give Away!
It is listed just to the left <-----------------see there! And due to that I would like to introduce our newest loyal fan. Jenn from I Hate Whine !.
Jenn says "I read way too many blogs ! I'm married for the second and last time and I have 4 kids... and the 5th is on her way !" Oh my I feel for here. Seems she needs a tippy cup of wine. And a bubble bath. Oh and a nanny to help out so she can get a break. Don't we all admire those mommies like Jenn who can have a large family. I know I do. Thanks Jenn for both following me and also for being such a great mommy!

Everyone else go on over to the R.A.G. and enter for for the Spring Blossoms Bath Set!

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  1. That was very sweet of you ...thanks!


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