Through Wind and Hail and Darkess Night

Poor Nessa, with her sad lil mailbox. Yeah really. We have our mailboxes sitting side by side on the street. Perched up on their lil poles trying to look dignified. You know they feel ever so important since they are the keepers of the mail delivered by the U S Post Office. Mine is shabby chic in the basic black tie affair. Feels a lil dominate since it was up first. Nessa's is a tin number that is seeing its better days.

Ours in "durable" plastic sits there as tin man's head droops. You see it seems to have started coming off it's lofty perch. We noticed it a few days ago. I discreetly pushed it's lil hind end back down so that the tin mailbox is sitting level for now. You giggle but as neighbors we have actually discussions on our mailboxes. What we have, what we want. Nessa is eyeing a bronze number that is "antiqued" to show off a patina of colors. Me, ha, I want a steel mailbox. All shiny and spiffy, looking like the city girl I am.

Of course we know that we are lucky to have the two that are up. Mine bouncing back from any dents. Nessa's showing the dignified look of old age, knowing it has done it's job for a long long time. For now I think I will just stick to my Blomus Pinwheel to brighten up my flowerbeds.

Thanks for image.


  1. ...our mail box hangs on our house now, but when we lived in the country, we had the box on the pole... and it was a crazee rusty ole thing.

  2. we need a new mail box BIG time!!! ours has been hit with a baseball bat and run over by a tree removal truck...our MB looks like white trash and I so want black tie lol

  3. Making fun of my mailbox huh? Keep in mind that thing is probably at least 50 years old. I think it looks pretty good for it's age.


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