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I received an award from my blog friend Aunt of 14, who shares that special relationships us Aunts have. We get to be cool and fun where as the parents are old and stuffy. Even if we are around the same age of the folks. I am going to one up dear Aunt of 14. One of my nieces had a hard time saying Aunt Tuzy (yes my family nickname is Tuzy). So she called me "Saint" Tuzy. Pretty neat huh??? Well since then my nieces and nephews have had their own hoard of kiddos. So now I am----ready---Great Saint Tuzy. Whooot! There I am! HA HA HAA!

Ok the fine print:
1. Link back to the person who sent you the award. Of course the other fantastic Aunt---ta da--Aunt of 14.

2. List 7 things you love.

1) I love animals of all kinds. (Something we share Auntie) We currently have 5 dogs and 3 cats.

2) I love READING. Mysteries, thrillers and true crime. DH says I am studying and he hopes he is not the final test. HUUMMMMM?

3) I can’t go a single day without checking at least one or ten blogs. (We are all addicts right?????) Bet you may be one of them I read like a religion.

4) I absolutely love COFFEE. and CHOCOLATE. or even better both at the same time!

5) I love MY DEAR HUBBY. (almost as much as Richard Dryfress.)

6) I love men's nice firm buttocks. In nice jeans or tight pants. Gives me warm fuzzies. Wink Wink.

7) I love love love love love my College Girl! She is the light of my life!

3. Link to 7 blogs and then let them know they have an award waiting for them...Otherwise how will they know???

My newest followers

1.) The Obnoxious SAHM

2.) Carol Sue----Carol I see 5 blogs for you, interesting topics but none of them recent. Am I missing something. This is Kreative Blogging for sure!

3.) Jenn

My newest 2 friends

4.) mom2boys

5.) always_317537

Kreative for sure

6.) Adore to Decor

and because she has such a great name----

7.) Stacy (the Random Cool Chick)

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  1. Congrats on the super cute award! :)


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