Let's Talk About SEX

Let's Talk About SEX
(video was here but was messing with page--so just sing song to yourself?)
Do you remember that song?
by Salt 'n' Pepa.

One line says " Ladies, all the ladies, louder now, help me out
Come on, all the ladies - let's talk about sex, all right."

Well here is a way to do just that.
As a matter of fact there is "videos" there.
No no no no, not that kinda thing.
But ones to help educate and understand more about the myths and more.

I understand that we are all grown up and know all we need to know by now.
Right? Not!
I still have questions. Especially since my body is going all alien on me.
What is normal for me to expect in these later years.
How do we do the mechanics with his bad back?
You asked the same things. Just, hush hush, ya' know.

I worry about how my body is changing. The new scents I don't remember.
And dryness. Yeah I went there.
Of course there is so much more info to look up.
From the CG to the DH, we all have questions.
Not that we want to always say out loud.
But in this day and age, let's get real.

So let's talk about SEX.
I know that in the song from Mama Mia, my husband sings the loudest at

And for one thing I am glad he does.
Wink Wink

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  1. Real Live Lesbian4/1/09, 1:23 PM

    Oh hell yeah! Do I remember? I could practically recite it for you! lol


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