Midge vs. Barbie

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When I was young I had a Barbie and a Midge. Now you know I was not conventional, so of course, red head Midge was my fav! Barbie was a bimbo in my eyes. I am sure she was the cause of the whole massacre. Yeah, I said it right. Barbie led poor ol Midge, trusting soul that she was, to her untimely death. Just served Barbie right that she too ended up in a deep deep hole.

You see, my brothers had the Johnny West set and of course G I Joe's too! It did not seem odd that they had the ol' west and the army functioning in one area. Well Johnny West had one lone lil Indian friend. And Barbie had to see if she could wiggle her lil hinney that way. You know she was told to leave him alone. I am sure that G I Joe had already instilled Marshall law. But she put on those sling back pink heels and popped on over to encourage him.

A fight broke out. Johnny getting mad seeing Barbie across that dusty trail talking to his side kick. He had been asking her out for some time now. Midge was just standing there shocked as it all was going down. Johnny threw a punch and then the Indian did and next thing you know---as always happens in the Wild West---guns were blazing.

Barbie, silly twit, was in the way. She had been acting all silly and faint til that bullet shot her. Midge screamed, came running across to her dying friend. Johnny backed up. The Indian backed up. And here came G I Joe to instill law and order among these ruffians. Next thing you saw was Midge screaming her head off. (Johnny caught it real quick and popped it back on for her.) Barbie had died but she looked good. That blue eye shadow and black mascara did not fade one bit.

Johnny shot at the Indian, the Indian shot back, Joe shot at both of them but amazing all 4 shots hit Midge. She was gone before you knew what way was which. Well the guys covered the whole thing up. Said Barbie and Midge got into some cat fight and killed each other. Of course they said Barbie had all the money so she could afford the bullets to shoot Midge 4 times.

There was a solemn funeral for the girls. They were the only two in town. Johnny carved Barbie a big ol grave marker. Joe made a lil cross for Midge. The Indian left town.

And that was the end of my playing with dolls life. Of course my brothers still had two to play with. Wonder what happened to those guys?

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