Is Life Safe and Sound?

I had to return to the metroplex where I am from today. I have to say I really do miss all of it. I just feel at home here so very much. Like I can breath better in this smog filled air than the country air where I now reside. Just hard to take the city out of the now country girl.

My last job when I worked here was as a alarm operator for a home security system. I really loved my job and I was very good at it. You may laugh but I do not panic in an emergency. Maybe after but not during. So I was able to handle the ones that might come up like fire, break ins or medical help needed. It was good to know I was there to help others when they needed it most.

Now I did not work for ADT but they are a great example of one of the security systems that are out there. I loved having one on my home then too. I knew that if anything would come up when my then pudding pops (now CG) was there that help could be on its way in a flash. And since we had lost one home to fire before I was already skittish.

But sense of mind was given to be by having the security system. Do you have one on your home? Have you ever thought about it? With the issues I have had recently at my country home it might be something for me to do again! Hummmm. Could be?

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  1. we dont have a home security system - we have dogs instead... i know its not quite the same, but hearing buddy and his big deep scary bark makes me feel very secure...


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