I am honored

I have a honor to share with you.
For me it is better than awards, money or fame.

It is a tribute from my CG to me.
I ask that you will please, Please, PLEASE visit her site.
And take hankies with you.

CG has left two posts for me.
One is of two videos.
They are the songs that represent my feelings for her better than I could ever say.
She has grown up with one as "our" song and the other we recently discovered.

The second post shares what she has learned.
I say it is a tribute to me.

Not as in Mom you have done......
but that I love that she has learned these great, simple lessons.

Please go visit.
Leave her a comment.

And share the amazing woman that I have the honor of calling my daughter.

An Unusual Outlook on Life


  1. aw, what a sweetie she is!!! you should be proud of her!!! thank you so much for checking up on me while i was lost in my wriitng daze :)!!!! have a superspecial sunday... xoxox.... annie

  2. Poppping in from SITS to say hi! What a wonderful daughter you have!

  3. What a beautiful tribute to you. That is awesome and your daughter is a doll. God bless.

  4. Got something for you on my blog! :)


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