Do We need Windex with Windows?

I told you last weekend CG's laptop went belly up. And we had to "acquire" a new one. Well it is so new to us. I know this is going to sound silly. But we have (she mostly) learn how to use it. It is a "Windows". Yeah! Can you believe it? I can't.

We have only had Macs here for over 10 years. All CG knows on a Windows is that if you want to do anything you have to go back to start each time. I told you we are CD's (computer dummies). We have to learn about File Recovery, viruses, backing up files, cookies, defrags and the list seems to go on and on. Have you lost data due to viruses? Have you emptied the recycle bin at the wrong time File Recovery can help you get your data back. I didn't even know this was possible. Did you?

Windows is like learning to speak Spanish when I have only known French. So it is time for a crash course in all things Windows. Who wants to come and be our teacher? I think we are going to have to start looking at a lot more sites to educate ourselves.


  1. I feel that way about Mac computers. LOL
    Thank you for visiting my site!!

  2. ...I've only used windows...but Macs always looked like rich folk computers... So I have always wanted one... Crazee, huh?

  3. Got the apron today and I LOVE IT! It is SO much better in person than it was in the picture! :) Thank you Thank you! :)

  4. All I know about windows (which I use) is that if all else fails, just shut it down and restart. Do not use this method with a respirator, though.


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