CMA, Burgers & Shakes...Oh My!

Saturday we were able to contact the Brownwood (Texas) Christian Motorcycles Association. Gerald Shepard (also co owner of Jerry's Burgers & Shakes) the president of the CMA in Brownwood meet up with us. His friend CMA'er Gary Smith who heads up their Angel Tree project also was able to join us. And then we was able to share a great thing happening here.

CG with Gerald (aka Jerry) and Gary.

Our local Dollar General and the one in the next town over (Comanche and DeLeonTexas stores) have been doing a great thing. You see, during inventory there is a lot of new toys and other items they have to "penny out". And most places then THROW THEM AWAY AFTERWARDS! But these great store managers, Georgia and Cheryl, contact us so we can pick up the items. We then separate, sort, mark and store these items for our local Santa's Helper program. Well this year we had so much of this in the spring that we have been donating to other groups. Like stuffed animals to the police, sheriff, hospital and ambulances for scared or hurt children. Or to local families who lost their home to a fire. And a children's home close by. But we still had quite a bit more. So we contacted Jerry and Gary to see if they too would like the items for their own Angel Tree program. They were thrilled.

So off we went to deliver items for them.

CG with a heavy heavy box.
Gary pulling out more from the side of the Durango.
CG pulling out boxes of bows from Grandma's van.
DH hefting two boxes at one time.

You see we had both my mom's van full and our Durango too. This is with all the seats laid down in both vehicles. I had already sorted the majority of these toys into boxes marked: boys toys, girls toys, infant toys, christmas, clothes, ect.

Afterwards Jerry invited us to a free meal at his business. Oh my this was an unexpected treat.

Located in Early Texas just off of Hwy 377.
This is a chocolate cherry malt. You have to try this. Serious! It taste exactly like a frozen chocolate covered cherry. You can taste the white stuff in the candy even!
Here is a swiss mushroom burger, chili cheese burger (notice the knife and fork), onion rings and seasoned fries. All was so so good.
CG trying to eat her chili cheese burger without losing the contents. LOL

We had a great time. Was very thankful for these men and their organization to help store and share the toys with children. Check out your local CMA's. Also go to the Dollar General and shake the hands of a group that shares instead of throwing away items that can make a difference to children with very little.

And here is one last photo. CG had two gum balls. One blue and one pink. We could see her tongue had the colors on each side. We tried to capture it here but not as noticeable. But love having her looking so silly.


  1. That looks SO yummy!!! Well not the tongue, but the shake and burger!

  2. That looks soooo good!

  3. I love a good mushroom swiss burger, they're my absolute fave! How very neat and giving! I love CG's antelers!! :) What a fun girl she is!!

  4. What a great donation and cause! And look at your girl being so silly. Yummy looking meal!!

  5. That's wonderful! CG has such lovely eyes, you don't notice the blue and pink tongue! :)


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