Better than Label Makers!

OK, Ok I told y'all I was OCD. Right! Well my life would be easier if I could just label everything.
I would have the kitchen cabinets labeled. And my laundry room. And the bath room--heck everything. I like everything in it's place and a place for everything. Really! I am not kidding at all. Ask me where what is. Anything!

"Butter?" It is in the fridge bottom shelf left hand side front.
"DH's socks?" My room, dresser, middle drawers, top one, black ones in back and white in front.
"Spare toothpaste?" Bathroom, cabinet over toilet, top shelf middle.
"Magnifying glass?" Dining room, file cabinet beside freezer, top drawer.
"Vegetable peeler?" Kitchen, hanging on the wall above the stove.

I could have all the kids labels on toys and bath things. Also baby labels with the diapers and all. Yes I still have it from my child care time. Just in case. We have kids clothing labels to match the clothes we have in sizes infant to 4 yr olds. Oh and don't forget the tippy cups, bottles and kids dishes. I hope the that they make dishwasher safe labels????

And with CG doing an internship do you think I need to label her stuff. You know like when you do the church camp labels thing?

Serious, I am massive on the OCD thing. So let me go label crazy.


  1. Oh girl. How we crazee Scotts could use your organization skills around here...

  2. Happy Easter!

    I could really use your organizational skills! I was just thinking, I need to organize this cabinet --- right before the mountain of plastic containers fell on me.

  3. I need you for my closets. It is hard to keep my things organized.

  4. wow you could do a labelmaking business for people... i tell you what kinds of labels i need, and you make them and send them to me... ;)

  5. Wow, there is someone else like me in the world. Label on!

  6. She really is organization crazy! Lynette, you amaze me!

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