Busy as a Beaver

Boy I was tired today. I had to take a nap. No choice. Just could not keep my eyes open one more moment. It is amazing when you are so tired that you just have to lay down. But it helped and I feel much better now. Whew!

I am so busy here lately. I don't know how it happens so quickly. One moment I am trying to find out what to do with myself and the next time I have to slow myself down. I am trying to get to Curves regular for my exercise. I am lucky in that I get to go out and have coffee and breakfast with my mom and Nessa on a regular basis. Of course the daily house stuff. Now I am also helping out at a local antique store. Just a few hours a week but it does add up. I was asked to work all day tomorrow and Saturday this week. So a lil more to do.

But if this was not so then I would be sitting here saying.......oh what to do? LOL

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