Bring in the Mixer

My yard is awful. I hate it. Really I do. We have been here for almost 4 years now and it has looked like poopy since we moved in. It is nothing but weeds and stickers. Yeah those dreaded menaces that attack my puppies and grand babies. Sure sure, your suckered that they are all pretty green clover. But they are not. And then they spread worse than a chocolate cake does on my hips.

Well, I have had it. I am done. We are killing it all. Poison is coming out and the earth will be ugly and brown before I am done with it all. Then I am not going to ever mow again. Nope not me. Give me a leaf blower and off I will go. Most work I will do is making sure it cools me off during one of my ever famous hot flashes. Yep! Know what I am going to do?????

I am going to hire the Austin concrete company to come out and cover my whole yard. All of it and be done with stickers and weeds. I plan on having them tint it green. See it will look like this............

Everywhere. Now see who is winning against this fight. HA!

Ok, Ok, I know hubby won't let me. But tell me...don't you agree. Heck I could even let the neighborhood kids come and decorate it with colored chalk pictures. At least that would make me happier.

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