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I heard the new "blog" when it first cried out. "Read Me!" It was a small weak sound but was growing into a roar soon enough. You know how these new ones are. Look all sweet and innocent, suck you in with that new blog smell. Then before you know it...all heck has broken loose. You are there in the middle of the night checking on it, rocking it back to sleep for the night. First thing in the morning, you have your cup of coffee and fingers are clicking away to see if the "blog" has woken up yet? Then you start sharing pictures and information on how much it has grown. People know that your going to pull out your wallet and the photo inserts are going to flutter to the ground---as any proud relative would.

Well here is my first photo! And an invitation to go and visit for yourself.


  1. Oh Lynette.. you're the best! :) Thanks for jumping on yet another crazee train with me!

  2. Thanks for sending people over!


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