Do you know Yanni? Are you a Yanni fan? Well DH and I love him and his amazing music. Now he has a concert called Yanni Voices. We so wish to go. It will be within 150 miles of us this summer. And I am determined to get tickets. Even nosebleeds!

I have been looking online at Rose Garden Tickets to see what tickets might be going for. They are not available for sale to the public yet in the area I am in. I was hoping to see what seats were going for in other arenas. To see if I had a hope of purchasing any later on. I looked at Arena Tickets too. I found many places there to research as to other towns he is going to be playing in.

So far no luck here at home though. Chicago Theatre Tickets is also available to search. And we have friends up there who are dying to see Yanni. I told them to go and check it out. I am going to continue til the are on sale here. It would make my DH go crazy to get to see Yanni!

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  1. Hello Lynette! I stopped by via Sits to say hi. It is bright and beautiful over here! I saw you love true crime and Fried Green Tomatoes - my all time favorites!


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