Julie is Giving Away Grandmas Apron

I love to get CRAZEE with the SCOTTS! And even more so when they are doing a bloggy give away. And top that with the apron they are giving away from our own Grandmas Homemade Etsy Store.

How do you like this Crazee apron we made for them. Grandma had so much fun matching up the different materials. The blue pocket with the cows on it is my favorite.

This is what Julie had to say when we donated her the apron.

"I loved the apron. I have to tell you, I actually cried when I saw it.... My Grandmother who died more than 15 years ago, used to make the same style...and right before she died, she made me the cutest one..and I held on to that thing for a long time, but somehow when we moved five years ago, the apron just disappeared..... I'd kill to have it back nearly. So, when I saw the cute apron that your mom made, it reminded me of that... and so I think it's just perfect for my giveaway, and I'm so thankful that you're donating it. Your hearts are so big, I love all of my bloggy friends!"

Doesn't that just make you wanna cry. And to think she is going to give this apron away to someone too! Well make sure you pop over and see CRAZEE Julie and all of her give aways. Be kind enough to visit Grandma's Homemade Store too!

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  1. OMG, you've got like a hundred entries so far, because you've been so busy! :-) You go girl!


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